Mesoyios was established in 1998 in Limassol, Cyprus as a training institution, specializing in hospitality and catering vocational education. Couple of years after its foundation, it became the biggest training institute in Cyprus, offering thousands of training hours every year to hospitality professionals and hopeful beginners.

It was the founder’s vision since the beginning to see Mesoyios growing into a leading academic and vocational institution, offering top quality education to hopeful beginners and career minded working professionals.

In 2013 the founder’s vision brought the Mesoyios College to life. An accredited academic institution, offering higher education programs in parallel to the vocational trainings, which are operated by its affiliated branch, the Mesoyios Business Academy.

Mesoyios Business Academy (MBA) is the affiliated branch of Mesoyios College that took over the vocational training offered by Mesoyios since 1998. The MBA, while currently retaining its flagship training services for the hospitality and catering industry, also offers a wide range of training programs for other affiliated industries.

Dedicated to transforming education through practical knowledge and hands-on experience, in cooperation with world-leading Trainers, Mentors, and Corporate Partners MBA is offering diversities of corporate training and business coaching courses, with emphasis to the hospitality industry. Offers a variety of interactive, practical training programs and workshops, build on key and basic skills to give insightful and current technical product knowledge, enabling the learners to return to their place of work with refreshed confidence in their ability to better prepare, serve and promote the product or service in question – a key business benefit for each delegate’s employer.

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The aim of the MBA is to help in developing its client’s skills and knowledge.


The goal of the MBA is to help its clients develop their capability, capacity, productivity and performance.