The tourist’s selection of a tourist destination is a very complex decision because there are various factors which influence and shape  this. These factors may be demographic, related to the personality of tourists and their culture and/or related to the motivation of tourists. At the same time, the process of selecting a tourist destination is based on the characteristics of the destination itself, which attracts tourtists and the factors that shape one’s impression of a destination. Given the circumstances, the choice of tourist destination, i.e. the tourist’s preference, is determined by the manner in which destinations are able to offer positive attractions and avoid negative ones.

The analysis of incentives in the tourism sector is based on the study of motivation. Motivation is determined by the theory of need as understood by the customer, as the need forms the basis of motivation. The hierarchy of human needs is used to explain a behavior that is oriented on human needs. 

According to relevant studies, we have 3 levels of human needs in a hierarchical order:
1. Normal
2. Of Security
3. Of evaluation and self-evaluation

Once the needs of a level are met, the person moves to the next level. Normal needs are purely biological needs and form the basis for the expression of any other higher need. The need for security refers to the psychological and intellectual level and includes the need for stability and freedom from fear and anxiety. The needs for evaluation include both self-esteem and appreciation by others, confidence, and recognition of one’s role.

However, at the current moment all potential tourists will make their choice on the basis of safety, meaning that they choose the country, the hotel, the restaurant having as their priority their health and safety. All tourism professionals must therefore be trained and train their personnel to such an extent so as to ensure that all the concerns of SAFETY AND HEALTH are taken into consideration to the greatest extent possible.

As of now choices made by potential customers will be based on the majority of the aforementioned concerns and so we as MBA will stand by the side of our country’s companies so as to assist with the proper training and education of our partners.