Training is one of the main issues in the educational debate. It is an ongoing process which contributes to the professional and personal development of business executives. The evaluation of training is a process as important as the training itself which is characterised by complexity due to the many different factors involved. The focus is on the design and implementation of specific tools, i.e. seminars. The research focuses on participants’ reactions and learning, the support provided by the framework, and the application of the knowledge and skills learned from the seminar. The specific effort of evaluating the training seminar emphasises both the results of the seminar and the aspects of the process. Thus, it attempts to evaluate the quality of this process and the “effectiveness” of the training seminar. The tools used for the evaluation are the scale of measuring expectations, a questionnaire exploring different levels, a worksheet for the design of differentiated teaching, and the use of a written test.

We live in an age of smart solutions and smart choices. Therefore, such opportunities should not be left aside. The best way today to pursue Vocational Training Opportunities and make smart choices is to visit the Mesoyios College Academy website frequently to find educational programs of various categories and subjects designed to enhance their skills and knowledge of employees in any industry.

Today’s burgeoning economic downturn (hopefully temporarily) gives businesses the opportunity to retrain their staff in order to seize this opportunity to upgrade their partners’ knowledge.

As we know very well through our SWOT analysis, we can exploit threats and make them opportunities.

The Mesoyios Business Academy of Mesoyios College will be on the side of the business world for any assistance they may need in the field of training. In collaboration with the HRDA and other organisations, we are confident that we can provide high quality education.


Akis Ioannidis
Head of planning and education/ Human resources Manager
MBA–Mesoyios College